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Ania Rolland is the Senior Cumulus Linux Documentation Manager. Ania has been in charge of Cumulus Linux documentation since 2017, providing customer examples, feature validations, and ensuring the high quality of Cumulus Linux content. Ania has been working in the networking and security space for over 10 years. Ania holds a BA in European Languages and Business.
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Getting Started with NVIDIA Networking

Looking to try open networking for free? Try NVIDIA Cumulus VX—a free virtual appliance that provides all the features of NVIDIA Cumulus Linux. You can... 2 MIN READ

Building Optimal ASN Configurations in Data Centers with Auto BGP

The NVIDIA Cumulus Linux 4.2.0 release introduces a new feature called auto BGP, which makes BGP ASN assignment in a two-tier leaf and spine network... 2 MIN READ