Amulya Vishwanath

Amulya Vishwanath is a developer marketing lead for Deep Learning and Vision AI at NVIDIA. Amulya drives key product marketing initiatives and launches new and innovative developer-friendly software products. Before NVIDIA, Amulya drove software product marketing for AI inference in data center solutions at semiconductor companies. Amulya has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and management of technology from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Posts by Amulya Vishwanath


Implementing a Real-time, AI-Based, Face Mask Detector Application for COVID-19

Businesses are constantly overhauling their existing infrastructure and processes to be more efficient, safe, and usable for employees, customers… 10 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Training with Custom Pretrained Models Using the NVIDIA Transfer Learning Toolkit

Supervised training of deep neural networks is now a common method of creating AI applications. To achieve accurate AI for your application… 18 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Automatic Mixed Precision for NVIDIA Tensor Core Architecture in TensorFlow

Whether to employ mixed precision to train your TensorFlow models is no longer a tough decision. NVIDIA’s Automatic Mixed Precision (AMP) feature for TensorFlow… 5 MIN READ
Artificial Intelligence

Video Series: Mixed-Precision Training Techniques Using Tensor Cores for Deep Learning

Neural networks with thousands of layers and millions of neurons demand high performance and faster training times. The complexity and size of neural networks… 5 MIN READ
Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating Intelligent Video Analytics with Transfer Learning Toolkit

Over the past several years, NVIDIA has been developing solutions to make AI and its benefits accessible to every industry. NVIDIA Transfer Learning Toolkit… 9 MIN READ