Alvin Clark

Alvin Clark is a product marketing manager working on DeepStream. Alvin started his career as a design engineer before moving on to technical sales and marketing. He has worked with customers across multiple industries on applications ranging from satellite systems and surgical robots to deep-sea submersibles. Alvin holds an engineering degree from the University of California, San Diego, and is currently pursuing a master's degree at Georgia Tech.

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Unlocking a Simple, Extensible, and Performant Video Pipeline at Fyma with NVIDIA DeepStream

Providing computer vision in the cloud and at scale is a complex task. Fyma, a computer vision company, is tackling this complexity with the help of NVIDIA... 7 MIN READ
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Applying Inference over Specific Frame Regions with NVIDIA DeepStream

Detecting objects in high-resolution input is a well-known problem in computer vision. When a certain area of the frame is of interest, inference over the... 7 MIN READ
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Developing and Deploying Your Custom Action Recognition Application Without Any AI Expertise Using NVIDIA TAO and NVIDIA DeepStream

[stextbox id="info"]Building vision AI applications? Watch these GTC on-demand sessions: How To Develop and Optimize Edge AI apps with NVIDIA DeepStream AI... 16 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Brings Low-Code Development to Vision AI with DeepStream 6.0

DeepStream SDK 6.0 is now available for download. A powerful AI streaming analytics toolkit, DeepStream helps developers build high-performance, low-latency,... 2 MIN READ