Amr Elmeleegy

Amr Elmeleegy is a principal product marketing manager for accelerated computing in the data center, focused on the NVIDIA AI inference platform. Previously, he held business development and product marketing roles at AWS and SAP. He holds an MBA from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cairo University.
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Data Center / Cloud

Demystifying AI Inference Deployments for Trillion Parameter Large Language Models

AI is transforming every industry, addressing grand human scientific challenges such as precision drug discovery and the development of autonomous vehicles, as... 14 MIN READ
Picture of a clothing store.
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Enhancing the Apparel Shopping Experience with AI, Emoji-Aware OCR, and Snapchat's Screenshop

Ever spotted someone in a photo wearing a cool shirt or some unique apparel and wondered where they got it? How much did it cost? Maybe you've even thought... 8 MIN READ
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Data Center / Cloud

Generate Stunning Images with Stable Diffusion XL on the NVIDIA AI Inference Platform

Diffusion models are transforming creative workflows across industries. These models generate stunning images based on simple text or image inputs by... 14 MIN READ