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Dr. Adam Grzywaczewski is a senior deep learning data scientist at NVIDIA, where his primary responsibility is to support customers in scaling and deployment of their deep learning workloads. Over the last four years, Adam has specialized in large-scale training, focusing not just on deep learning system and software design, but also on algorithms that allow for large batch data/model/pipeline parallel training. Adam works with customers with high computational needs, including key automotive customers and organizations with the need for large scale NLP and conversational AI. Adam also focuses on techniques for computationally efficient inference, including parameter/compute efficient model design and model pruning and quantization. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Adam was responsible for building up the UK government’s machine-learning capabilities while at Capgemini, and worked in the Jaguar Land Rover Research Centre, where he worked on the self-learning car project.
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Conversational AI

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Simulation / Modeling / Design

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