The binary APEX SDK and tools for Windows and Android are FREE for all non-commercial and commercial use.
For information about licensing for consoles, please email: PhysX Licensing.

APEX Tools and APEX SDK (Windows/Android Binaries)

The APEX SDK (Windows/Android binaries) and Tools are available for download through the APEX/PhysX Registered Developer Program (RDP).  If you are not registered you will first need to

  • Register for the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program (RDP).
  • After you created an account an email will be sent to you with further instructions.
  • Fill out the general RDP registration form and
  • Apply to the APEX/PhysX Registered Developer Program.
  • Once you are registered in the APEX/PhysX RDP, we will send you an email with download information for the APEX/PhysX tools and SDKs.


APEX Source Code is available on Github in the PhysX-3.3 repository. To access it you must follow the instructions here.

Available APEX Tools/SDK

    • APEX Clothing
    • APEX Destruction
    • APEX Particles/Turbulence
  • APEX Tools
    • DCC Clothing Plug-ins for 3dsMax/Maya
    • PhysXLab
  • APEX Documentation

APEX Tutorials