The binary APEX SDK for Windows and Android are FREE for all non-commercial use and commercial use when gross revenue is below $100KThe APEX Tools are FREE for commercial and non-commercial use. (see APEX SDK EULA).
For information about licensing, source code access and/or obtaining support, please email: PhysX Licensing.

APEX Tools and APEX SDK (Windows/Android Binaries)

The APEX SDK (Windows/Android binaries) and Tools are available for download through the APEX/PhysX Registered Developer Program (RDP).  If you are not registered you will first need to

  • Register for the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program (RDP).
  • After you created an account an email will be sent to you with further instructions.
  • Fill out the general RDP registration form and
  • Apply to the APEX/PhysX Registered Developer Program.
  • Once you are registered in the APEX/PhysX RDP, we will send you an email with download information for the APEX/PhysX tools and SDKs.

See also our APEX Forums for any APEX related questions.

APEX SDK (Support, Source and access to other platforms)

The APEX SDK and paid customer support is availabe through the PhysX Developer Website. 
Note: The PhysX Developer Website is not part of the Registered Developer Program and therefore requires different login credentials.

Available APEX Tools/SDK

    • APEX Clothing
    • APEX Destruction
    • APEX Particles/Turbulence
  • APEX Tools
    • DCC Clothing Plug-ins for 3dsMax/Maya
    • PhysXLab
  • APEX Documentation

Additional APEX Modules are available to selected developers only as a closed beta. If you are interested in one of the other modules, you can email us at to request participation in the closed beta.

APEX Tutorials