Build and Deploy GPU-Accelerated 5G Virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN)

Today’s network operators must absorb, process, and deliver data to an ever-increasing number of connected devices. These diverse devices require low latency and high throughput communication. NVIDIA Aerial, an application framework for building 5G high-performance, software defined, cloud-native telecommunication applications, addresses this pressing demand.


NVIDIA Aerial is a set of SDKs that enables GPU-accelerated, software defined 5G wireless RANs. Today, NVIDIA Aerial provides two critical SDKs: cuVNF and cuBB.

The NVIDIA cuVNF SDK provides optimized input/output (IO) and packet processing whereby 5G packets are directly sent to GPU memory from GPU Direct capable network interface cards (NICs), such as Mellanox CX-5.

The NVIDIA cuBB SDK provides a fully-offloaded 5G Signal Processing pipeline (L1 5G Phy) which delivers unprecedented throughput and efficiency by keeping all physical layer processing within the GPU’s high-performance memory.

A newly GPU enabled DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) helps developers easily add GPU acceleration to their existing RAN architecture and NVIDIA CUDA-X signal processing libraries like cuFFT and NPP offer drop-in APIs and over 5000 primitives for image and signal processing.

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NVIDIA Aerial Runs on NVIDIA EGX Platform

NVIDIA EGX is an enterprise-grade accelerated computing platform that enables companies to run real-time low-latency applications at the edge. To achieve the highest level of reliability, Aerial SDKs and libraries undergo extensive testing against the EGX software stack with an emphasis on performance and long-term stability.

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