Rendering Technologies

Explore the NVIDIA SDKS that enable developers to render high-fidelity video and audio assets for professional visualization and video games, helping them create convincing, immersive worlds.

NVIDIA VRWorks Audio path traces sound in 3D space in real time.

VRWorks Audio

NVIDIA VRWorks™ Audio brings truly immersive audio to applications by path tracing sound in 3D space in real time. Leveraging NVIDIA OptiX™ ray-tracing technology, VRWorks Audio traces the path of sound in real time, delivering physically realistic audio that conveys the size, shape, and material properties of the virtual environment you’re in.

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NVIDIA OptiX can  achieve optimal ray-tracing performance on the GPU.


NVIDIA OptiX is an application framework for achieving optimal ray-tracing performance on the GPU. It provides a simple, recursive, and flexible pipeline for accelerating ray-tracing algorithms. Bring the power of NVIDIA GPUs to your ray-tracing applications with programmable intersection, ray generation, and shading.

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Share physically based materials and lights between supporting applications with NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL).

Material Definition Language (MDL)

NVIDIA MDL gives you the freedom to share physically based materials and lights between supporting applications. Build a library of MDL materials once and be confident they'll maintain their appearance as they move into all applications in your workflow.

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NVIDIA IndeX is a 3D volumetric interactive visualization SDK.


NVIDIA IndeX® is a 3D volumetric interactive visualization SDK that allows scientists and researchers to visualize and interact with massive datasets, make real-time modifications, and navigate to the most pertinent parts of the data, all in real time to gather better insights faster.

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NVIDIA vMaterials are a curated collection of MDL materials and lights.


NVIDIA vMaterials are a curated collection of MDL materials and lights that represent common real-world materials used in design workflows. Integrating the Iray® or MDL SDK quickly brings a library of hundreds of ready-to-use materials to your application without writing shaders.

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NVIDIA NeuralVDB brings the power of AI to OpenVDB, the industry-standard library for simulating and rendering sparse volumetric data, such as water, fire, smoke and clouds. Introducing GPU-accelerated volumetric data representations at massive scale, featuring up to a 100x memory footprint reduction powered by machine learning.

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Real-Time Ray Tracing

NVIDIA SDKs enable developers to make full use of the power of ray tracing on NVIDIA hardware. Explore how NVIDIA developer tools work together to produce the next generation of stunning real-time ray-traced content.

Real-time path tracing of a scene called “Transparent Machines”

RTX Path Tracing

Whether you’re rasterizing, tracing rays, or both, this reference path tracer will ensure the physically-accurate lighting produced is true to life in real time. RTX Path Tracing provides you the flexibility to take individual components that suit your needs or take the entire path tracer and integrate it directly into your game engine. This path tracer leverages new hardware in NVIDIA RTX GPUs, allowing you to provide the highest-quality rendering modes with uncompromised performance.

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RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI)

NVIDIA RTX™ Global Illumination (RTXGI) generates multi-bounce indirect light without bake times, light leaks, or expensive per-frame costs. It’s a scalable solution that powers infinite bounce lighting in real time, even with strict frame budgets. Accelerate content creation to the speed of light with real-time in-engine lighting updates, and enjoy broad hardware support on all DirectX Raytracing (DXR)-enabled GPUs.

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RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI) in an apartment with spot lights.
RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI) in an apartment with spot lights.

RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI)

Millions of dynamic lights, all fully ray traced, can be generated with RTX Direct Illumination. A real-time ray-tracing SDK, RTXDI offers photorealistic lighting of night and indoor scenes that require computing shadows from 100,000s to millions of area lights. No more baking, no more hero lights. Unlock unrestrained creativity even with limited ray-per-pixel counts. When integrated with RTXGI and NVIDIA Real-Time Denoiser (NRD), scenes benefit from breathtaking and scalable ray-traced illumination and crisp denoised images, regardless of whether the environment is indoor or outdoor, in the day or night.

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NVIDIA DLSS is a neural graphics technology that multiplies performance using AI to create entirely new frames and display higher resolution through image reconstruction—all while delivering best-in-class image quality and responsiveness.

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Achieve frame rate boost with NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).
NVIDIA real-time denoisers in Watch Dogs: Legion

NVIDIA Real-Time Denoiser (NRD)

High-quality real-time denoising brings the highest-quality picture out of a ray-traced scene. NVIDIA Real-Time Denoiser is the only available denoiser of its kind that’s designed to work with just half- to one-ray-per-pixel (RPP) signals. NRD uses render input as well as environmental images to deliver results comparable to ground truth, enabling the full suite of RTX technology to be turned on no matter how tight the RPP budget is due to hardware.

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Explore Ways to Use NVIDIA Technologies

NVIDIA Developer Program

Gain free access to NVIDIA’s image processing SDKs, including DLSS, NRD, and OptiX. The NVIDIA Developer Program offers the freedom and flexibility to implement NVIDIA SDKs into your own application, as well as other resources such as developer blogs, forums, FAQs, and documentation.

NVIDIA Developer Program provides access to NVIDIA SDKs and other resources.
NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse

Experience real-time design collaboration and physically accurate simulation with NVIDIA Omniverse™, a platform based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) and NVIDIA RTX technology.

The multi-layer platform features the powerful Omniverse RTX Renderer—an advanced, multi-GPU-enabled renderer with two modes: RTX-accelerated, real-time ray tracing for lightning-fast performance and near-real-time referenced path tracing for the highest-fidelity results. Technical artists, designers, and engineers can leverage RTX capabilities in pre-built Omniverse Apps, and developers can easily build their own apps based on Omniverse Kit.


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