Joining a registered developer program is your first step in establishing a working relationship with NVIDIA Engineering.

Membership gives you access to the latest software releases and tools.

  • Receive notifications about special developer events and webinar.
  • Members can report bugs and requests for feature enhancements.

Next Step : Select the first program you would like to apply for - and click on the register button, if you are logged in the buttons will change to reflect your status and once approved these buttons will become your links to the home page for these programs.


This program is designed to help you get the most out of your parallel applications using a variety of programming languages and libraries supported by NVIDIA. If you are serious about writing massively parallel code, this is the program for you !


Get access to NVIDIA GameWorks libraries, tools and samples to experience the latest and greatest software for modern game development. This game development platform transfers information and skills from NVIDIA to the real-time game and graphics community enabling developers to advance the cutting edge of gaming on desktop, mobile and the cloud.


This program is designed to help you get the most out of your Embedded Computing Toolkits, such as Jetson. If you are serious about doing amazing things with Jetson and other Embedded Technology from NVIDIA.


For your reference: Registered Developer Agreement