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GTC is the world’s largest, most important GPU developer conference and will take place March 17-20, 2015 in Silicon Valley. This year, GTC is highlighting the growing revolution in deep learning that can affect every aspect of computing.

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NVIDIA professional graphics deliver unprecedented performance and innovative capabilities to boost your success. Whether you're creating revolutionary products, designing groundbreaking architecture, reviewing the fine details in a CT/MRI scan, or telling spectacularly vivid visual stories, NVIDIA professional solutions let you do it better and faster.

DevTech Proviz News

Command-List OpenGL extension

NVIDIA released a new proprietary extension, called nv-command-list, allowing developers to address the driver in such an efficient way that its overhead reaches near zero, revealing the full strength of NVIDIA Graphic chips.

  • A presentation on this new extension can be found here
  • Samples are available here and here.

GTC 2015 will reveal even more on this new feature:

S5135 - GPU-Driven Large Scene Rendering in OpenGL
Tuesday, 03/17 - 16:00 - 16:50 - Room LL21B

We will present the latest OpenGL technology from NVIDIA (NV_command_list) and rendering algorithms to render large scenes, typically found in CAD/DCC applications. Through the use of new powerful OpenGL extensions, the GPU can be leveraged very efficiently to do more work autonomously of the CPU. We provide algorithms and usage scenarios for scenes made out of many parts (millions) including GPU creating its own work for rendering (occlusion culling) and transformation updates. The data management allows to minimize data transfers and a high flexibility to make changes to the scene, so that interactive editing and viewing of large data sets is possible.

NVIDIA GPU Blur Plug-in for Adobe After Effects

The NVIDIA GPU Blur Plug-in performs fast blur for video editing in After Effects using CUDA. The plug-in is based on the CUDA Toolkit sample Box Filter, adapted to perform multiple iterations for high quality, and providing both a GPU pathway and CPU fallback. The sample also demonstrates how to do self-profiling, displaying a console window to give CPU and GPU timings. Performance is 12x faster that the single core CPU fallback. This sample provides a basis for developing additional plug-ins for After Effects using CUDA.

Check out the sample here

New Samples on Github

Devtech Proviz team started a new initiative: a new set of open-source samples available in Github. This repository is a work in progress and is meant to grow. But you can already check out few samples here:

  • Command-list examples
  • Occlusion culling through the GPU
  • Rendering techniques for CAD
  • NVIDIA OpenGL Path rendering extension example
  • OptiX example
  • More to come this year...