What Are SimReady Assets?

SimReady, or simulation-ready, assets are physically-accurate 3D objects that encompass accurate physical properties, behavior, and connected data streams to represent the real world in simulated digital worlds. SimReady assets, built on Universal Scene Description (USD), can be used in any simulation and behave as they would in the real world for maximum accuracy. SimReady assets are available in NVIDIA Omniverse.

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The Benefits of SimReady Assets

SimReady assets can accelerate AI training

Accelerate AI Training

ML and AI researchers can use SimReady assets as a reliable starting point to rapidly train AI models.

SimReady assets can provide real-world accuracy

Real-World Accuracy

SimReady assets are photoreal and physically accurate to reflect real-world behavior in simulated environments, such as digital twins.

SimReady assets provide flexible integration


SimReady assets leverage the modular and flexible nature of USD which allows users to integrate these 3D assets in any workflow or virtual world.

SimReady assets offer consistency across asset libraries


3D artists and developers working on digital twins will have consistency across their asset libraries to quickly build virtual worlds.

How 3D Simulation Assets Are Used

SimReady assets are used in robotics simulation application


Simulations of factories require thousands of assets to build a photorealistic and physically-accurate environment. SimReady assets will accelerate the development, testing, and management of AI-based robots.

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SimReady assets are used in digital twin warehouses design

Digital Twin Warehouses

3D assets like forklifts, railings, racks, and robots can be used for simulations to optimize warehouse design and flow, train intelligent robot assistants, and improve productivity.

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SimReady assets are used in autonomous driving application

Autonomous Driving

Immediately identify SimReady objects in a scene with semantic labels and physical materials to accelerate the sensor development for autonomous vehicles.

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Build SimReady Assets

Are you a technical artist that already knows 3D scripting behaviors, material creation, and lighting techniques?

Your skills are in demand by large companies paying top dollar trying to catch defective parts, train vehicles safely, track packages, and much more.

Learn How to Create SimReady Assets

Learn More About SimReady Assets

How to build SimReady assets on Omniverse

How to Build SimReady Assets on Omniverse

Learn how SimReady assets will be used to build digital twins and the requirements for creating assets for simulation.

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SimReady assets help AI developers develop industrial robots, autonomous vehicles, and more.

SimReady Assets Used for AI

Learn about the SimReady standard and how industries will use SimReady assets in true-to-reality digital twin simulations.

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SimReady assets are used in autonomous driving application

SimReady Assets Physics Overview

Watch this introduction to SimReady PhysX assets and learn how to use them in Omniverse.

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