Yogesh Kini

Yogesh Kini is the director of engineering at NVIDIA, working on the CUDA Software team. He has been working on enabling AI use cases on Tegra that apply to different industries like embedded, automotive, and robotics. Yogesh has worked on CUDA software over the last five generations for embedded GPUs. He continues to focus on future platforms and software features that optimize AI algorithms in the embedded space. Yogesh works from the NIVIDA office in Bangalore, India.

Posts by Yogesh Kini

NVIDIA Jetson 사용자를 위한 CUDA 업그레이드 간소화

NVIDIA JetPack은 Jetson 플랫폼에서 하드웨어 가속화된 엣지에서의 AI를 위한 완전한 개발 환경을 제공합니다. 6 MIN READ