NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor

NVIDIA Isaac™ Perceptor is a collection of hardware-accelerated packages for visual AI, tailored for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) to perceive, localize, and operate robustly in unstructured environments. Robotics software developers can now easily access turnkey AI-based perception capabilities, ensuring reliable operations and obstacle detection in complex scenarios.

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Key Benefits

AMR environments pose unique challenges due to the inherent variability of warehouse operations and factory lines. These challenges include task-specific complexities like load pickup and drop-off. Artificial intelligence (AI) can address these complexities through advanced 3D perception capabilities, offered by Isaac Perceptor, built on ROS 2. This combination ensures optimal performance and modularity for your specific needs.

Fully Optimized for Mobile Robots

NVIDIA solutions are custom-built for autonomous forklifts and various industrial mobile robots. They’re packaged with robust visual odometry and 3D surround vision for obstacle detection and occupancy mapping.

Scalable Sensor Architecture 

Tap into the industry’s first scalable architecture for one to eight cameras with time synchronization across all the cameras and Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs). 

Ready for Deployment 

Isaac Perceptor comes with pre-integrated, extensively tested subgraphs for mobile robots, ensuring seamless integration with existing software stacks and robots.

Industry & Ecosystem Partners

NVIDIA Isaac Ecosystem & Industry Partners - ArcBest
NVIDIA Isaac Ecosystem & Industry Partners - BYD
NVIDIA Isaac Ecosystem & Industry Partners - KION
NVIDIA Isaac Ecosystem & Industry Partners - Leopard Imaging
NVIDIA Isaac Ecosystem & Industry Partners - Segway Robotics

Get Started With Isaac Perceptor

Evaluate Isaac Perceptor with either the NVIDIA Nova Orin DevKit or Nova Carter and integrate it into your existing AMR. 

real-time 3D occupancy gri

AI-Based Depth Perception

Take advantage of stereo DNN for dense, detailed, robust complexity.


Real-Time 3D Occupancy Grid

Get results 100X faster than other CPU-centric methods.

Isaac Perception multi-camera visual odometry in action

Accelerated Stereo Visual Odometry 

Experience best-in-class, real-time results.

Nova Orin Developer Kit

This powerful compute and sensor platform is designed to help robot OEMs and software companies accelerate the development and deployment of AMRs. Key features include:

  • Precise, multi-sensor time synchronization within <100us of sensor data acquisition time

  • Documentation and software for evaluation on your robot

  • Sensor reference models (in NVIDIA Isaac Sim™) for development in simulation

  • Purchase the Nova Orin Developer Kit from our partners:

    Leopard Imaging

Nova Developer Kit
Nova Carter is an advanced reference robot assembled and ready to use along with Isaac Perceptor

Nova Carter

This advanced reference robot comes fully assembled and ready to use along with Isaac Perceptor. It includes an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin™ system-on-module with up to 275 TOPS of compute and uses lidar and a set of stereo cameras for surround perception, mapping, and navigation. The robot is calibrated and tested to work out of the box, giving you valuable time to innovate on new features and capabilities.

Nova Carter is ideal for collecting data for mapping test areas like a warehouse or a factory. The processed data can then be deployed into Carter to achieve full autonomy.

Purchase a Nova Carter


The developer preview is planned for Q2, 2024.

Isaac Perceptor for commercial use is not open source. Most components will be released under the Isaac ROS 2 license. 


NVIDIA Isaac ROS robotic applications

Building High-Performance Robotic Applications

NVIDIA Isaac ROS offers a variety of modular hardware-accelerated packages for developers who are seeking AI perception capabilities for building any robot of their choice. 

A robotic arm grasps a Lego figure, representing NVIDIA Isaac for manipulation systems

Isaac for Manipulation Systems

Learn more about how NVIDIA’s collection of subgraphs, models, and hardware-accelerated packages for robotic arm-based tasks can help you go to market faster. 

Get started today with the most advanced perception stack for mobile robots.

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