Graphics Research Tools

Photo of different 3D model visualization styles


Kaolin is a PyTorch library that accelerates 3D Deep Learning research. It massively reduces the time needed to implement a new paper from 2-3 weeks down to a couple of days.

Kaolin is ideal for:

  • 3D model classification (mesh and point cloud)
  • 3D model segmentation (ex: character mesh for animation)
  • Image to 3D
  • Voxel super-resolution

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Falcor is an open-source real-time rendering framework designed specifically for rapid prototyping.

Falcor accelerates discovery by providing a rich set of graphics features, typically available only in complex game engines, in a modular design that leaves the researcher in command.

Falcor is professionally designed and maintained by NVIDIA. It is open source and we welcome and encourage contributions from the community. We especially invite researchers to contribute implementations of published algorithms.

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ORCA is a library of professionally-created 3D assets donated to the research community. ORCA enables researchers to develop, test and discover new ideas using challenging, high-quality assets.

ORCA assets are in FBX format, available for use in any rendering system. Each asset includes a Falcor scene file containing camera and lighting configuration.

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