NVIDIA® GPUDirect® Storage (GDS) is the newest addition to the GPUDirect family. GDS enables a direct data path for direct memory access (DMA) transfers between GPU memory and storage, which avoids a bounce buffer through the CPU. This direct path increases system bandwidth and decreases the latency and utilization load on the CPU.

Software Download

GPUDirect Storage v0.95.1 - Open Beta Release

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Key Features of Open Beta Release v0.95.1

  • Compatibility with POSIX IO is enabled by default
  • Alpha level support for RHEL 8.3
  • GDS is available as Technical preview for DGX OS
  • Support for MLNX_OFED 5.3 for NVMe and NVMeOF
  • Support for IBM Spectrum Scale Storage*
  • Support for ExceleroTM NVMesh devices
  • Support for ScaleFlux computational storage
  • Integration with DALI and Pytorch
  • Experimental RAPIDS integration for cuDF, unoptimized, reads only
  • *For GPUDirect Storage on IBM Spectrum Scale, please contact scale@us.ibm.com

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