Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage

A Direct Path Between Storage and GPU Memory

As datasets increase in size, the time spent loading data can impact application performance. GPUDirect® Storage creates a direct data path between local or remote storage, such as NVMe or NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF), and GPU memory. By enabling a direct-memory access (DMA) engine near the network adapter or storage, it moves data into or out of GPU memory—without burdening the CPU.

DownloadTechnical Overview
GPU direct storage
GPUDirect Storage enables a direct data path between storage and GPU memory and avoids extra copies through a bounce buffer in the CPU’s memory.

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NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage integrated solution in production.

In Development

Key Features of v1.1

The following features have been added in v1.1:

  • The XFS file system has been added to the list of supported file systems at a beta support level.
  • Improved support for unregistered buffers.
  • Add options (start_offset and io_size) to gdsio config file per job options.
  • Improved performance of 4K and 8K IO sizes for local file systems.
  • Added user-configurable priority for internal cuFile CUDA streams.

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GPUDirect Storage v1.1 Release

NVIDIA Magnum IO GPUDirect® Storage (GDS) is now part of CUDA.
See for more information.

GDS is currently supported on Linux x86-64 distributions of RHEL8 and Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04; it is not supported on Windows. When choosing which CUDA packages to download, please select Linux first followed by x86-64 then either RHEL or Ubuntu distributions along with the desired packaging format(s).