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Featured RTX Technologies

RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI)

RTXGI provides scalable solutions to compute infinite multi-bounce lighting and soft-shadow occlusions without bake times, light leaks, or expensive per-frame costs.

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RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI)

RTXDI lets artists add unlimited shadow-casting, dynamic lights to game environments in real time without worrying about performance or resource constraints.

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Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS)

DLSS leverages the power of a deep learning neural network to boost frame rates and generate beautiful, detailed images for your games.

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NVIDIA Real-Time Denoisers (NRD)

NRD is a spatio-temporal, API-agnostic denoising library that’s designed to work with low ray-per-pixel signals.

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Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA)

An AI-based anti-aliasing mode that uses the same technology powering NVIDIA DLSS, giving you even better graphics in your games.

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NVIDIA Image Scaling

A platform agnostic software driver-based spatial upscaler for all games.

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Latest NVIDIA Ray Tracing News

Optimizing Large-Scale Sparse Volumetric Data with NVIDIA NeuralVDB Early Access

Optimizing Large-Scale Sparse Volumetric Data with NVIDIA NeuralVDB Early Access

Building on the past decade’s development of OpenVDB, the introduction of NVIDIA NeuralVDB is a game-changer for developers and researchers working with extremely large and complex datasets. The pre-release version of NVIDIA NeuralVDB brings AI and GPU optimization to OpenVDB, delivering up to a 100x reduction in memory footprint for smoke, clouds, and other sparse … Continued

Practical Tips for Optimizing Ray Tracing

Practical Tips for Optimizing Ray Tracing

To achieve high efficiency with ray tracing, you must build a pipeline that scales well at every stage. This starts from mesh instance selection and their data processing towards optimized tracing and shading of every hit that you encounter. Instance data generation In a common scene, there can be far more static than dynamic objects. … Continued

Explainer: What Is Denoising?

Explainer: What Is Denoising?

Denoising is an advanced technique used to decrease grainy spots and discoloration in images while minimizing the loss of quality.

New Release: NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination 1.3

New Release: NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination 1.3

NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI) 1.3 includes highly requested features such as dynamic library support, an increased maximum probe count per DDGI volume by 2x, support for Shader Model 6.6 Dynamic Resources in D3D12, and more.

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