To build CuDNN with tegra-drive-os-av-image


Before building CuDNN with Yocto, you must install and enable CUDA on the host. For the supported CuDNN toolkit version, see product Release Notes.

Extract <CuDNN-toolkit-version> from CuDNN debian: cudnn-local-tegra-repo-ubuntu<UBUNTU_VER>-<CuDNN-toolkit-version>_1.0-1_arm64.deb

For example: cudnn-local-tegra-repo-ubuntu2004-, <CuDNN-toolkit-version> is

  1. Export the CUDNN_ENABLE variable:
    export CUDNN_ENABLE=<CuDNN-toolkit-version>
  2. Build or rebuild the image:
    bitbake tegra-drive-os-av-image
    Note: The WARNING message "Unable to get checksum for cudnn-samples SRC_URI entry cudnnTest-<CUDA_VER>-ubuntu<>-aarch64-v<CUDNN_VER>.tgz: file could not be found" is expected when CUDNN_ENABLE is set.