To build NVIDIA DriveWorks with tegra-drive-os-av-image

Note: Before building NVIDIA DriveWorks with Yocto, you must install and enable CUDA, CuDNN, and TensorRT. For the supported NVIDIA DriveWorks version, see the product Release Notes.

Extract <DriveWorks-version> from DriveWorks debian : driveworks-cgf_<DriveWorks-version>.<DriveWorks-version-minor>~linux<release-ver>-<GCID>_arm64.deb

For example: driveworks-cgf_5.14.74~linux6.0.8.0-338205240_arm64.deb, <DriveWorks-version> is 5.14

  1. Export the following toolkit variables:
    export DW_ENABLE=<DriveWorks-version> 
    export CUDA_ENABLE=<CUDA_VER> # pre-requisite
    export CUDNN_ENABLE=<CUDNN_VER> # pre-requisite
    export TENSORRT_ENABLE=<TENSORRT_VER> # pre-requisite
  2. Build or rebuild the image:
    bitbake tegra-drive-os-av-image