DRIVE OS Linux Yocto Components

This topic contains instructions on building the NVIDIA Yocto project-based components such as kernel, root file systems, and toolchains. With the Yocto Project, embedded Linux developers can build customized file systems that satisfy embedded constraints. The Yocto Project consolidates the efforts of the BitBake and OpenEmbedded communities. Those projects enable users to easily define, configure, and cross-compile components required for embedded applications.

NVIDIA DRIVE® OS Linux provides the following Yocto root file system images:

  • Yocto-Drive OS AV (tegra-drive-os-av-image)
  • Cold-boot initramfs (tegra-initramfs-boot/tegra-prod-knext-initramfs-boot)

The Yocto DRIVE OS AV image consists of OSS components in accordance with Yocto 3.1 released baseline, NVIDIA proprietary platform enablement and acceleration components. This image is a suitable starting point for algorithm and application development for Autonomous Vehicle systems.