Get the latest SDK and tools designed for developers creating professional graphics, advanced rendering, video processing, material design, and 3D printing. We are excited to share a comprehensive update of our innovative and industry leading SDKs and tools for the DesignWorks GTC 2017 release.

New SDK releases

  • Video Codec SDK 8
  • GVDB Voxels 1.0
  • OptiX 4.1
  • Iray SDK 2017
  • MDL SDK 2017
  • Occlusion Culling Sample

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High bit depth decoding with the addition of VP9 and HEVC 12 bit. Up to 8K HDR decode and encode and quality improvements including weighted prediction and adaptive quantization enhancements.

Download Video Codec SDK 8

GVDB Voxels is a new framework for simulation, compute and rendering of sparse voxels on the GPU. Inspired by the award-winning software library OpenVDB. Voxels allow the representation of complex, connected microstructures and heterogeneous materials more easily than polygons. GVDB Voxels is therefore ideally suited as the core representation for 3D Printing Design applications, Generative Design, Process Engineering, Materials Simulation or print Pre-Visualization.

Download GVDB Voxels 1.0

This version is an important milestone in the evolution of OptiX, featuring a complete re-implementation of many core components, including an all-new LLVM-based compilation pipeline. The internal redesign has been in the works for several years, and lays the groundwork for better overall performance and adds support for CUDA 8.0.

Download OptiX 4.1

The first 2017 release of Iray SDK focuses on general acceleration and expanded support for lights in Iray Interactive beyond sixteen. A new 3D backplate feature allows users to set arbitrary geometry as backdrops (ignored by the scene lighting). Iray Interactive received an enhancement in the support of Subsurface Scattering (SSS). An MDL projector function was added allowing for applications without UV mapping to project complex materials onto surfaces and the section planes are now available in the scene graph making them easier to animate and manipulate.

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The NVIDIA MDL SDK is a set of tools to integrate NVIDIA material definition language (MDL) support into rendering applications. It contains components for loading, inspecting, editing of material definitions as well as compiling MDL functions to GLSL, PTX and LLVM-IR.

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This sample has been updated and shows how to massively accelerate the rendering of large models in VR environments and was used in the creation of our Discovery VR demo which allows the user to “dive” through a complete vehicle CAD model (over 65 million polygons and 20 thousand objects) in real-time VR.

Download from Github