Last week at Gamescom, the world’s largest video game event, developer CD Projeckt RED showed off new footage from The Witcher3: Wild Hunt wowing the crowds. This highly anticipated title features some very cool technology for simulating and rendering dynamic hair and fur which is available to all game developers as part of NVIDIA GameWorks.

In an interview with's Kris Rey, Art Producer, Stan Just called out NVIDIA HairWorks as bringing a next generation look to the characters and creatures in the game. He also said he was surprised at how much help NVIDIA provided to make the characters look great. Check out the video.

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Key Features

  • Supports off-the shelf grooming tools
  • Shape & style control
  • Self-shadowing
  • Body to hair shadow casting
  • Wind interaction
  • Level of Detail
  • Scalability
  • Real time editing in viewer

How can NVIDIA GameWorks can help you?

To learn more about the products, tools, services and samples NVIDIA provides to game developers head over to our What is GameWorks? page.