We are incredibly proud of the latest member of the NVIDIA SHIELD family. We think every Android developer should be excited to get their hands on one.

Here are 4 reasons why you want to develop on NVIDIA SHIELD tablet:

Performance for Developers

The Tegra K1 delivers unprecedented levels of horsepower combined with the best developer tools in the industry. If you are developing AAA content for Android you need a development platform that is ahead of where the competition will be in in 18 months and SHIELD tablet gives you that. On top of that NVIDIA provides the best Android Native Development tools available today with TADP, enabling you to work in Visual Studio and profile and debug GPU rich applications using the Tegra Graphics Debugger.


With its expandable storage options Shield tablet lets you keep multiple builds on a single device. Storage on SHIELD tablet is expandable using microSD cards.


Shield tablet is the first Android device with built in support for Twitch, the streaming service that lets players broadcast their gameplay to the internet. Support is integrated into SHIELD tablet so developers don’t need to do anything to take advantage of this feature. Twitch is very popular with PC gamers, the service reports over 43 million viewers per month with an average viewing time of 90 minutes. Developers can use Twitch to reach out to their community during development as well as for marketing opportunities like contests.


Video capture is performed using NVIDIA SHADOWPLAY which has minimal performance impact on applications. From a development standpoint SHADOWPLAY can be extremely useful not only for capturing video but also for recording crash bugs during development. With a rolling 20 minute buffer, shadow play lets your QA team capture those annoying game-play bugs, something which is otherwise hard to do on a mobile development platform.

Learn more and purchase

You can find more details on the complete SHIELD family including the high performance wireless controller and original SHIELD portable here.