This month we welcome two new members to the NVIDIA SHIELD family. Designed with gamers in mind, the SHIELD Tablet offers PC-grade performance, crystal clear audio, and the best entertainment and gaming content. Pair it with the optional SHIELD Wireless Controller and you have the ultimate tablet experience for PC and Android gamers.

If you are developing Android content, these new products represent the cutting edge of performance today and are backed by the best development tools in the industry.

Product Gallery

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The SHIELD Tablet features the Tegra K1 processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8inch full 1080p display and booming front facing stereo speakers. The Tegra K1 makes this one of the most portable mobile entertainment devices available today. Gamers can also stream content from their Geforce GTX enabled PC to the device using GameStream.

New to SHIELD tablet is ShadowPlay game play recording and Twitch streaming, as seen on desktop PCs. Used by tens of millions of PC gamers, ShadowPlay enables gameplay to be quickly and easily captured without fuss, and without a noticeable performance impact. All it takes is a few taps, and your gameplay is captured at up to 1920x1080, ready to be uploaded to YouTube or other services direct from SHIELD tablet. Find out more here.

Wireless Controller

The SHIELD Wireless Controller features WiFi direct connectivity for low latency when compared to Bluetooth used in other game controllers. As well as all the standard buttons you’d expect on a game controller it has dedicated Android buttons and a touchpad. It also features a microphone and a headphone jack for audio needs.

Video Presentation

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