The GPU Center of Excellence (GCOE) is an invitation-only program that recognizes, rewards, and fosters collaboration with institutions at the forefront of Accelerated Computing. GCOEs have demonstrated a unique vision for research, teaching, and evangelizing accelerated computing.

GCOEs provide all of the following:

  • Education to the next generation of researchers, scientists, and engineers by offering recurring GPU Computing courses on multiple levels across multiple disciplines.
  • Academic papers and publications that demonstrate promising research results obtained using accelerated computing across engineering and science domains.
  • Outreach to proactively pursue opportunities to support and influence students, researchers, and thought leaders in academia, government, and industry to learn and adopt the NVIDIA accelerated computing platform.

GCOEs push the boundaries in specific fields of interest. Some examples include:

  • Deep Learning: NYU
  • OpenACC: TU Dresden
  • Big Data Analysis: Tokyo Tech.
  • UIUC is creating curriculum that will be adopted worldwide. They are also using GPUs to research HIV.
  • UFF and MSU are evangelizing GPU Computing in their regions.

These are just a few examples of the amazing work being done in collaboration with our GCOEs. Please visit our GCOE Achievement Awards page (links below) to see some of the best projects that have been carried out over the years.

Most research institutions should consider applying to the GPU Research Center program. University faculty who are teaching GPU Computing should consider applying to the GPU Education Center program. Faculty who are not currently teaching GPU Computing should consider enrolling in the GPU Educators Program.

See our Current List of WorldWide GCOEs.

If you have any questions about the GCOE Program, please contact us at


GPU COE Achievement Awards

GPU Centers of Excellence include some of the world's top universities engaged in cutting-edge work with CUDA and GPU computing. Every GCOE in the world is asked to highlight their research by submitting an abstract describing their top achievement in GPU computing over the past year. A panel of NVIDIA experts selects four GCOEs to present their achievements at a special event during GTC. GCOE peers at the event then vote for their favorite presentation and research, highlighting and rewarding the best projects. Click the links to see the past GPU COE Achievement Awards:



**NVIDIA can modify, put a hold on or cancel programs at any time.