NVIDIA Student Network

The NVIDIA Student Network is a community engagement program that provides exclusive training, tools, and projects to give students the practical skills they need to jumpstart a career in AI. Projects in data science, computer vision, speech AI, and more are designed for all skill levels to gain hands-on experience. And the Discord community offers opportunities to attend exclusive events and connect with students all over the world.

Student organization leads are invited to apply to the NVIDIA Student Network on behalf of their organization. Please submit only one application per organization. You must be a member of the NVIDIA Developer Program to apply.

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NVIDIA Student Network provides study packs

Study Packs

Follow beginner-friendly learning paths in key topic areas, access self-paced courses, and earn certifications to show subject matter competency.

NVIDIA Student Network provides hands-on training

Hands-On Training

Apply your knowledge and gain practical skills by completing projects in data science, computer vision, speech AI, and more.

NVIDIA Student Network provides peer networking

Peer Networking

Connect with like-minded students from all over the world to collaborate on projects, troubleshoot problems, and showcase your work.

NVIDIA Student Network hosts exclusive events about knowledge and careers in AI

Exclusive Events

Hear directly from NVIDIA engineers and subject matter experts to deepen your knowledge and learn more about careers in AI.


To qualify, your organization must meet the criteria listed below.

Student-Led Organization

Your organization must be an academic or preprofessional community that’s run by students for students.

Interest in AI

Your organization should be focused, at least in part, on AI and related topic areas, such as machine learning or data science.

Access to NVIDIA Hardware

To make the most of this program, organizations must have access to NVIDIA hardware.

Community Sponsor

Organizations must have a faculty advisor or other staff member in a supervisory role.

If your organization does not meet the above criteria or you are an individual student, we offer a host of resources and training materials for students that you can find here.

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In order to qualify for the program, you must be an established, student-run organization with an existing member base. Additionally, your organization must fit the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated interest in AI
  • Access to NVIDIA hardware
  • A community sponsor or faculty advisor in a supervisory role

Individuals, including representatives for a university, university department, or corporation, do not qualify for the program.

Congratulations! We encourage you to spend some time organizing your leadership team, recruiting members, and creating the infrastructure for your organization before you submit an application. Organizations that have a clear mission and demonstrable success will be best equipped for this program.

The application found on our website is meant to be filled out once per organization, typically by the organization’s president or another member in a leadership position. Once an organization is approved, its individual members will go through a separate onboarding process in order to gain access to the program resources.

Currently, we are only accepting student organizations with access to NVIDIA hardware. This program places emphasis on the application of practical skills and project building. As such, your organization needs hardware in order to make the most of the program offerings.

We have found that there is a fair amount of turnover in many student organizations due to members graduating or leaving due to a lack of bandwidth. Having a community sponsor allows the NVIDIA Student Network team to maintain a consistent point of contact with your organization.