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AutoDMP Optimizes Macro Placement for Chip Design with AI and GPUs

Most modern digital chips integrate large numbers of macros in the form of memory blocks or analog blocks, like clock generators. These macros are often much... 12 MIN READ
A 3D cartoon image of a factory floor with boxes on pallets, a worker with a clipboard, and lights targeting everything's location.
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Introducing NVIDIA Aerial Research Cloud for Innovations in 5G and 6G

NVIDIA introduced Aerial Research Cloud, the first fully programmable 5G and 6G network research sandbox, which enables researchers to rapidly simulate,... 6 MIN READ
Close up of a dense, wet forest
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Turn 2D Images into Immersive 3D Scenes with NVIDIA Instant NeRF in VR

Thousands of developers and content creators have built stunning 3D visuals with NVIDIA Instant NeRF, a rendering tool that turns a set of static images into a... 3 MIN READ
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Year In Review: Trending Posts of 2022

Marking a year of new and evolving technologies, 2022 produced wide-ranging advancements and AI-powered solutions across industries. These include boosting HPC... 4 MIN READ
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Generating Collision-Free Robot Movement with Motion Policy Networks

Collision-free motion generation in unknown environments is a core building block for robotic applications. Generating such motions is challenging. The motion... 5 MIN READ
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AI Models Recap: Scalable Pretrained Models Across Industries

The year 2022 has thus far been a momentous, thrilling, and an overwhelming year for AI aficionados. Get3D is pushing the boundaries of generative 3D modeling,... 7 MIN READ