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University of Wyoming, NVIDIA Join to Create Faster Supercomputers

The University’s CPU-based supercomputer is the 50th fastest in the world, but with the help of GPUs, the new computer could top the list of fastest computers.
“Yellowstone, as far as supercomputers go, is nearing retirement age,” saidRich Loft, the director of technological development in the computation and information systems lab at National Center for Atmospheric Research-Wyoming Supercomputing Center. “We’ll run it for another two years before we turn it off — we should have a new machine in our facility by the start of 2017.”

Some of the Yellowstone supercomputer’s 100 racks. An iconic scene from Yellowstone National Park is featured mosaic-style on the ends of each rack.

One reason NVIDIA decided to partner with the University of Wyoming is because of current research trying to find the best way to use GPUs, said Jeff Clune, associate professor of computer science at University of Wyoming. Clune’s research was recently highlighted on Parallel Forall, “Harnessing the Caffe Framework for Deep Visualization,” which focuses on evolving artificial intelligence with neural networks.
“People at this university were taking advantage of (GPUs), pushing the limits,” he said. “NVIDIA took notice and suggested we apply for a formal partnership.”

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