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Jetson Project of the Month: Using Pretrained Models to Predict Bus Arrival Times

No one likes standing around and waiting for the bus to arrive, especially when you need to be somewhere on time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict... 5 MIN READ
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Applying Inference over Specific Frame Regions with NVIDIA DeepStream

Detecting objects in high-resolution input is a well-known problem in computer vision. When a certain area of the frame is of interest, inference over the... 7 MIN READ
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Running Multiple Applications on the Same Edge Devices

Smart spaces are one of the most prolific edge AI use cases. From smart retail stores to autonomous factories, organizations are quick to see the value in this... 6 MIN READ
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Improved Interoperability between VPI and PyTorch

NVIDIA Vision Programming Interface (VPI) is a computer vision and image-processing software library from NVIDIA that enables you to implement algorithms that... 10 MIN READ
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Metropolis Spotlight: Bluecity Combines Vision AI and Lidar for Real-Time Road Safety and Traffic Congestion

Bluecity, an NVIDIA Metropolis partner, recently launched a new traffic management solution for safer roads and shorter commutes. The technology combines vision... 3 MIN READ
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Metropolis Spotlight: MarshallAI Optimizes Traffic Management while Reducing Carbon Emissions

A major contributor to CO2 emissions in cities is traffic. City planners are always looking to reduce their carbon footprint and design efficient and... 4 MIN READ