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Explainer: What Is AI Computing?

AI computing is the work of machine learning systems and software, sifting through mountains of data to reveal useful insights and generate new capabilities. < 1
A graphic of 3 blocks representing NV pertained models, TAO, and Inference SDKs, with arrows showing they work together.
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Upcoming Webinar: Accelerate AI Model Creation Using AutoML in NVIDIA TAO 4.0

On February 15, at 8 am PST, learn how to use the AutoML feature in the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit for faster AI model tuning. < 1
Illustration showing a shopping scene, video streaming in living room, and cafe all with recommender activities.
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Upcoming Webinar: Collaboratively Training a Large Multilingual Language Model

Join this webinar on Feb. 2 for key learnings of the BigScience initiative in developing BLOOM—an open-source multilingual model with 176 billion parameters. < 1
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Just Released: NVIDIA HPC SDK v23.1

Version 23.1 of the NVIDIA HPC SDK introduces CUDA 12 support, fixes, and minor enhancements. < 1
Illustration of a cell phone with a virtual assistant helping with a purchase.
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New Hands-On Lab: Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Learn to build an engaging and intelligent virtual assistant with NVIDIA AI workflows powered by NVIDIA Riva in this free hands-on lab from NVIDIA LaunchPad, < 1
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New Hands-on Lab: Build Session-Based Recommenders 

Learn how to streamline building state-of-the-art session-based recommender pipelines with this free hands-on lab. < 1