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Explainer: What Is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computers, still in their infancy, are influencing a new generation of simulations already running on classical computers, and now accelerated with the... < 1
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Achieving Supercomputing-Scale Quantum Circuit Simulation with the NVIDIA cuQuantum Appliance

Quantum circuit simulation is critical for developing applications and algorithms for quantum computers. Because of the disruptive nature of known quantum... 9 MIN READ
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Introducing QODA: The Platform for Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing

The past decade has seen quantum computing leap out of academic labs into the mainstream. Efforts to build better quantum computers proliferate at both startups... 8 MIN READ
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Just Released: Lightning-Fast Simulations with PennyLane and the NVIDIA cuQuantum SDK

Discover how the new PennyLane simulator device, lightning.gpu, offloads quantum gate calls to the NVIDIA cuQuantum software development kit to speed up the... < 1
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Extending Block-Cyclic Tensors for Multi-GPU with NVIDIA cuTENSORMg

Tensor contractions are at the core of many important workloads in machine learning, computational chemistry, and quantum computing. As scientists and engineers... 9 MIN READ
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Accelerating Quantum Circuit Simulation with NVIDIA cuStateVec

Quantum computing aspires to deliver more powerful computation and faster results for certain types of classically intractable problems. Quantum circuit... 9 MIN READ