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Multilingual and Code-Switched Automatic Speech Recognition with NVIDIA NeMo

Multilingual automatic speech recognition (ASR) models have gained significant interest because of their ability to transcribe speech in more than one language.... 7 MIN READ
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Entropy-Based Methods for Word-Level ASR Confidence Estimation

Once you have your automatic speech recognition (ASR) model predictions, you may also want to know how likely those predictions are to be correct. This... 12 MIN READ
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Predict Protein Structures and Properties with Biomolecular Large Language Models

The NVIDIA BioNeMo service is now available for early access. At GTC Fall 2022, NVIDIA unveiled BioNeMo, a domain-specific framework and service for training... 3 MIN READ
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AI Models Recap: Scalable Pretrained Models Across Industries

The year 2022 has thus far been a momentous, thrilling, and an overwhelming year for AI aficionados. Get3D is pushing the boundaries of generative 3D modeling,... 7 MIN READ
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Upcoming Workshop: Training & Tuning Text-to-Speech with NVIDIA NeMo and W&B

Learn to train an end-to-end TTS system and track experiments in this live workshop on December 8. Set up the environment, review code blocks, test the model,... < 1
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Deploying a 1.3B GPT-3 Model with NVIDIA NeMo Megatron

Large language models (LLMs) are some of the most advanced deep learning algorithms that are capable of understanding written language. Many modern LLMs are... 11 MIN READ