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Upcoming Webinar: How Synthetic Data is Supercharging Vision AI Development

Join this webinar from Metropolis on May 18 or 19 to learn how synthetic data can transform your AI development efforts, including using the NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator. < 1
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Metropolis Spotlight: Bluecity Combines Vision AI and Lidar for Real-Time Road Safety and Traffic Congestion

Cities now have access to real-time, multimodal traffic data that improves road safety and reduces traffic congestion. 3 MIN READ
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Metropolis Spotlight: MarshallAI Optimizes Traffic Management while Reducing Carbon Emissions

MarshallAI is using NVIDIA GPU accelerated technologies to help cities improve their traffic management, reduce carbon emissions, and save drivers time. 4 MIN READ
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Latest Releases and Resources: March 3-9

Register for the Game Developer Conference; join DRIVE Developer Days; get DLI training at GTC; learn how Metropolis can grow your vision AI business; meet the Shell.AI Hackathon winners. 3 MIN READ
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3 Methods for Speeding up AI Model Development with TAO Toolkit

How do you shorten your AI application's TTM? Here are 3 methods to eliminate framework complexity and cut your training time in half using TAO Toolkit. 3 MIN READ
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Validate Applications for Secure Edge Deployments with the Expanded NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program

The Metropolis Partner Program expanded to include a certification that ensures partner applications can be securely deployed to any location with NVIDIA Fleet Command. 3 MIN READ