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Implementing Industrial Inference Pipelines for Smart Manufacturing

Using an NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, industrial manufacturer Sansera improved quality control and documentation through a custom AI pipeline. 3 MIN READ
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Discover Industry Breakthroughs Using AI Technology at Microsoft Build 2022

Join Microsoft Build 2022 to learn how NVIDIA AI technology solutions are transforming industries such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare. 3 MIN READ
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Develop, Deploy, and Distribute Immersive Experiences with NVIDIA CloudXR and Amazon Web Services

Use NVIDIA CloudXR alongside AWS to build immersive XR experiences from the cloud for key advantages at every stage from development to distribution. 5 MIN READ
Graphic of people working in an industrial line setting.
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World’s Largest Manufacturing Players Tapping NVIDIA AI Platform for Factory of the Future

Tapping into the NVIDIA AI platform and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure, Sight Machine accurately maps data to assets at a global scale. 5 MIN READ
Computer rendering of modern kitchen with lighting.
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Theia Interactive Generates Realistic and Interactive Scenes with DLSS and RTX Global Illumination

Learn how by integrating NVIDIA technologies, Theia Interactive has reduced the time it takes for ray tracing and rendering. 3 MIN READ
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Transform the Future with Robotics at NVIDIA GTC

Over 15 sessions will be presented covering autonomous machines and robotics-specific topics. 4 MIN READ