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Implementing Industrial Inference Pipelines for Smart Manufacturing

Using an NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, industrial manufacturer Sansera improved quality control and documentation through a custom AI pipeline. 3 MIN READ
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Upcoming Event: Generating Synthetic Data Using Isaac Replicator Composer 

On June 2, learn how to leverage Replicator Composer—a tool in NVIDIA Isaac Sim—to generate synthetic data, and train and test computer vision models. < 1
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Jetson Project of the Month: LiveChess2FEN Provides Real-Time Game Analysis

Jetson Project of the Month “LiveChess2FEN” is a fully-functional framework that automatically digitizes a chessboard in real time using NVIDIA Jetson Nano. 4 MIN READ
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Implementing Real-Time, Multi-Camera Pipelines with NVIDIA Jetson

Here's how to build efficient multi-camera pipelines taking advantage of the hardware accelerators on the NVIDIA Jetson platform in just a few lines of Python. 8 MIN READ
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Metropolis Spotlight: Bluecity Combines Vision AI and Lidar for Real-Time Road Safety and Traffic Congestion

Cities now have access to real-time, multimodal traffic data that improves road safety and reduces traffic congestion. 3 MIN READ
A rendering of the now available NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit.
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Supercharge AI-Powered Robotics Prototyping and Edge AI Applications with the Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit

The Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit offers 8X the performance of the last generation, offering the most powerful AI supercomputer for advanced robotics, and embedded and edge computing. 3 MIN READ