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Accelerate Academic Research and Curriculum with the NVIDIA Hardware Grant Program

The NVIDIA Hardware Grant Program helps advance AI and data science by partnering with academic institutions around the world to enable researchers and… < 1
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Jetson Project of the Month: Robotic Arm Masters the Game of Cornhole

David Niewinski of Dave’s Armoury won the 'Jetson Project of the Month' for building a robot arm capable of playing a perfect game of cornhole. 2 MIN READ

Metropolis Spotlight: INEX Is Revolutionizing Toll Road Systems with Real-time Video Processing

INEX Technologies, an NVIDIA Metropolis partner, designs, develops, and manufactures comprehensive hardware and software solutions for license plate recognition… 2 MIN READ
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ICYMI: NVIDIA Jetson for Robot Operating System

In this month’s technical digest we’re highlighting this powerful capability and offer a collection of resources to help ROS users familiarize with the power of… 4 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Isaac Sim on Omniverse Now Available in Open Beta

The new Isaac simulation engine not only creates better photorealistic environments, but also streamlines synthetic data generation and domain randomization to… 6 MIN READ
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Japan's University of Aizu Uses NVIDIA Jetson to Nurture AI and Robotics Talent

University of Aizu, a premier computer science and engineering institution in Japan, conducted a two-week intensive learning program based on the NVIDIA Jetson… 4 MIN READ