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Explainer: What Is a SmartNIC?

A SmartNIC is a programmable accelerator that makes data center networking, security and storage efficient and flexible. < 1
F5 Accelerates Security and App Delivery
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Turbocharging Multi-Cloud Security and Application Delivery with VirtIO Offloading

The incredible increase of traffic within data centers along with increased adoption of virtualization is placing strains on the traditional data centers.... 5 MIN READ
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Accelerating Cloud-Native Applications at China Mobile Bigcloud

Cloud computing is designed to be agile and resilient to deliver additional value for businesses. China Mobile (CMCC), one of China’s largest telecom... 6 MIN READ
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Accelerating Your Network with Adaptive Routing for NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet

The NVIDIA accelerated AI platforms and offerings such as NVIDIA EGX, DGX, OVX, and NVIDIA AI for Enterprise require optimal performance out of data center... 8 MIN READ
CUDA 16x9 Aspect Ratio
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Boosting Inline Packet Processing Using DPDK and GPUdev with GPUs

The inline processing of network packets using GPUs is a packet-analysis technique useful to a number of different application domains: signal processing,... 14 MIN READ
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Accelerating Cloud Networking the Right Way

The NVIDIA BlueField-2 data processing unit (DPU) delivers unmatched software-defined networking (SDN) performance, programmability, and scalability. It... 5 MIN READ