Yuval Atzmon

Yuval Atzmon joined NVIDIA Research in February 2020 as a research scientist. His main fields of interest are machine learning and computer vision, with a focus on learning with few or zero samples, combining sources of information from multiple modalities (such as natural-language and images), and connecting the dots with human perception. Yuval completed his PhD research at Bar-Ilan University, and his master's and bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He's published 11 papers on machine learning and signal processing.
Yuval Atzmon

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Generative AI / LLMs

Generative AI Research Spotlight: Personalizing Text-to-Image Models

Visual generative AI is the process of creating images from text prompts. The technology is based on vision-language foundation models that are pretrained on... 11 MIN READ