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TJ Galda is currently director of product management at NVIDIA, working on making Omniverse great for the content creators of the future. TJ has worked in games, film, and VFX for over 20 years. From DreamWorks, Technicolor, the Vancouver Film School, and later as Development Director at EA, TJ has managed projects with critical acclaim, including winning Game of the Year awards. He was the senior product line manager for the Entertainment Collection at Autodesk, including products like Academy Award-winning Autodesk Maya.
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Simulation / Modeling / Design

Change the Rules of the Game: NVIDIA Omniverse Brings an Arsenal of RTX and AI-Powered Apps, Extensions and DIY Toolkits to Accelerate Game Development Pipelines

Collaboration and simulation platform simplifies complex challenges like multi-app workflows, facial animation, asset searching, and building proprietary tools.... 5 MIN READ