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Scott Squires is CTO, Creative Director and co-founder at Pixvana. Scott has worked in feature film visual effects since he developed the cloud tank process for Close Encounters. He worked at ILM for 20 year as a visual effects supervisor and commercial director as well as CTO during the transition to digital. He has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards: THE MASK, DRAGONHEART and STAR WARS: PHANTOM MENACE. He received an Academy technical award for his pioneering work on film input scanners. Scott had also co-founded a visual effects company, Dream Quest, and a software company, Puffin Designs.
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Using VRworks in the Cloud with Pixvana SPIN Studio

Pixvana’s cloud-based VR pipeline now incorporates the NVIDIA VRWorks 360 Video SDK. Pixvana strives to solve a number of challenges facing the VR creator by... 15 MIN READ