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Paul J. Shin is a senior software engineer and a tech lead at NVIDIA for various computer vision and perception modules and tools for vision AI (including GPU-accelerated multi-object trackers) and streaming AI (including Audio2Face microservices). Previously, Paul led the R&D group at a retail analytics company where he architected and developed the multi-modal sensor fusion algorithms and the end-to-end real-time edge AI processing pipeline for 2000+ smart cameras connected to the cloud using AWS IOT for real-time, in-store, shopper behavior analytics. He earned a Ph.D. in computer vision and wireless sensor networks from Purdue University at West Lafayette, IN in 2013 and a B.E. from Korea University. He holds 15 pending and issued patents with six peer-reviewed publications on top computer vision conferences and journals.
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

State-of-the-Art Real-time Multi-Object Trackers with NVIDIA DeepStream SDK 6.2

When you observe something over a period of time, you can find trends or patterns that enable predictions. With predictions, you can, for example, proactively... 9 MIN READ