Omer Shapira

Omer Shapira is an Engineer and Artist, working for NVIDIA. His work and research focus on virtual reality, human-robot interaction, simulation, computational photography, haptics, and artist tools for film and games. Omer's work has been published and displayed in major venues such as the Tribeca Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, ACM SIGGRAPH, IEEE Robosoft, CVPR, The Barbican, and Eyebeam. Prior to NVIDIA, Omer was Director of Virtual Reality at Fake Love (A New York Times Company), VR Technical Director at Framestore, and Director, Editor, and Talent at Channel 10 in Israel. Omer studied Mathematics and Linguistics at Tel Aviv University and Interaction Design at New York University.
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Build 3D Virtual Worlds at Human Scale with the NVIDIA Omniverse XR App

Users can now produce 3D virtual worlds at human scale with the new Omniverse XR App available in beta from the NVIDIA Omniverse launcher. At Computex this... 4 MIN READ