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Nicola is a senior manager of product marketing covering NVIDIA accelerated computing solutions -- from powerful virtual desktops and workstations enabling people to efficiently work from anywhere with a fantastic user experience, to enterprise AI, providing the means to change how we work. With more than 20-years in the technology space, Nicola has expertise that ranges from end user computing, data center and virtualization, and cybersecurity.
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Gif scrolling through different workflow examples such as personalized recommenders, speech AI, and route optimization.
Conversational AI / NLP

ICYMI: New and Updated AI Workflows Announced at NVIDIA GTC 2023

NVIDIA showed how AI workflows can be leveraged to help you accelerate the development of AI solutions to address a range of use cases at NVIDIA GTC 2023. AI... 7 MIN READ
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Data Science

NVIDIA Morpheus Helps Defend Against Spear Phishing with Generative AI

Using generative AI and the NVIDIA Morpheus cybersecurity AI framework, developers can build solutions that detect spear phishing attempts more effectively and... 7 MIN READ
A GTC promo card with 4 images showing cybersecurity examples.
Cybersecurity / Fraud Detection

Top Cybersecurity Sessions at NVIDIA GTC 2023

Learn how AI is improving your cybersecurity to detect threats faster. 1 MIN READ
Graphic of fingerprint scanners.
Cybersecurity / Fraud Detection

Hands-on Lab: Digital Fingerprinting to Detect Cyber Threats

Learn how to use an NVIDIA AI workflow to uniquely fingerprint users and machines across your network in a new, free NVIDIA LaunchPad hands-on lab. 1 MIN READ
Cybersecurity / Fraud Detection

Upcoming Event: Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture with AI

Find out how federal agencies are adopting AI to improve cybersecurity in this November 16 webinar featuring Booz Allen Hamilton. 1 MIN READ
Cybersecurity / Fraud Detection

Safeguarding Networks and Assets with Digital Fingerprinting

Use of stolen or compromised credentials remains at the top of the list as the most common cause of a data breach. Because an attacker is using credentials or... 4 MIN READ