Mostafa Toloui

Mostafa Toloui is the product management lead for the NVIDIA Holoscan platform. His passion is to enable medtech companies to deliver intelligent, patient-centric solutions and disrupt the way diseases are prevented, diagnosed, and treated. Before NVIDIA, Mostafa worked in the medtech industry in various capacities from strategy manager to scientist, bringing products (software and hardware) from concept to launch. Mostafa holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.
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Decorative image showing NVIDIA Holoscan use cases.
Edge Computing

Scalable AI Sensor Streaming with Multi-GPU and Multi-Node Capabilities in NVIDIA Holoscan 0.6

Demand for real-time insights and autonomous decision-making is growing in various industries. To meet this demand, we need scalable edge-solution platforms... 6 MIN READ