Martin Stich

Martin leads the core software engineering team responsible for NVIDIA's RTX ray tracing technology and DirectX Raytracing implementation. During his 10 years at NVIDIA, he worked in various roles as a research scientist, graphics software engineer, and GPU architect (contributing to the Maxwell SM architecture), before transitioning to engineering management.

Posts by Martin Stich

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Implementing Stochastic Levels of Detail with Microsoft DirectX Raytracing

Level-of-detail (LOD) refers to replacing high-resolution meshes with lower-resolution meshes in the distance, where details may not be significant. 14 MIN READ
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Profiling DXR Shaders with Timer Instrumentation

Optimizing real-time graphics applications for maximum performance can be a challenging endeavor, and ray tracing is no exception. Whether you want to make your… 9 MIN READ
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Introduction to NVIDIA RTX and DirectX Ray Tracing

Ray tracing is the future, and it always will be!" has been the tongue-in-cheek phrase used by graphics developers for decades when asked whether real-time ray… 14 MIN READ