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Loyd Case has taken on the editorial reins of NVIDIA's Developer Blog, connecting NVIDIA engineering knowledge with developers worldwide. Loyd previously worked as an analyst at Microprocessor report and Editor-in-Chief of ExtremeTech.

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NVIDIA Developer Blog 2018 Highlights

This year proved to be a banner year for the NVIDIA Developer Blog, publishing over 80 new technical articles. Given this year’s pace, it’s easy to miss out on… 6 MIN READ
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Volta Tensor Core GPU Achieves New AI Performance Milestones

NVIDIA’s Volta Tensor Core GPU is the world’s fastest processor for AI, delivering 125 teraflops of deep learning performance with just a single chip. We’ll soon be combining 16 Tesla V100s into a single server node to create the world’s fastest computing server, offering 2 petaflops of performance. 12 MIN READ