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Laura Martinez is the director of marketing strategy at NVIDIA. She is passionate about Confidential Computing and recently joined NVIDIA to help customers revolutionize their business with GPU performant security. Laura currently sits on the CC Consortium Outreach committee and previously served as the director of data center security marketing where she worked on the industry’s first Confidential Computing solution in addition to playing a pivotal role in launching the Intel attestation service last year. Prior to joining Intel in 2017, Laura worked at UC Davis Health to advance health outcomes through AI. When she was at Trend Micro, she was the founding member of the beta department growing the customer base from zero to more than 100K in the first year. While continuing to manage that department, she channeled her love for children and technology to create Trend Micro’s first parental control solution to protect kids while online.
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Confidential and Self-Sovereign AI: Best Practices for Enhancing Security and Autonomy

 Join the webinar on June 11th with NVIDIA and Super Protocol to learn about the benefits of Confidential Computing for Web3 AI. 1 MIN READ