Katie Young

Katie Young is a senior marketing manager for the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, which offers online and instructor-led trainings to help developers, data scientists and other professionals solve their most challenging problems. Katie has worked at NVIDIA since 2007 in marketing roles across industries such as autonomous driving, media and entertainment, and professional visualization. She holds a B.S. from the University of San Diego.
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Learn How to Use Deep Learning for Industrial Inspection

NVIDIA GPUs are used to develop the most accurate automated inspection solutions for manufacturing semiconductors, electronics, automotive components, and... 2 MIN READ
Graphic with black background with DLI anomaly course name
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Learn How to Build Applications of AI for Anomaly Detection

Whether you need to monitor cybersecurity threats, fraudulent financial transactions, product defects, or equipment health, artificial intelligence can help you... 2 MIN READ