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Jignesh (Jig) Bhadaliya is senior director of product architecture at NVIDIA, where he leads the creation of new GenAI products and solutions within the Enterprise Products Group. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Jig served as a CTO at Dell EMC as part of Unstructured Data Solutions division. As an active member of the SPEC Storage industry consortium, he utilized his expertise in EDA semiconductor workloads and NAS performance to establish an industry-standard EDA storage benchmark after years of research. A graduate of University of California, Irvine, Jig has decades of experience in building and architecting large-scale HPC infrastructure for semiconductor companies. He is fascinated by the reinvention of similarly large-scale, but GPU-accelerated, infrastructures with emerging AI, ML, and DL workloads.
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Generative AI

NVIDIA Collaborates with Hugging Face to Simplify Generative AI Model Deployments

As generative AI experiences rapid growth, the community has stepped up to foster this expansion in two significant ways: swiftly publishing state-of-the-art... 4 MIN READ