Jiahong Liu

Jiahong Liu is a solution architect on the NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider team, where he helps customers adopt ML and AI solutions with better utilization of the NVIDIA GPU to solve their business challenges.
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Figure illustrating a screenshot of an NVIDIA Riva sample virtual assistant application running on a GPU-powered AWS EC2 instance through a web browser.
Data Center / Cloud

Building a Speech-Enabled AI Virtual Assistant with NVIDIA Riva on Amazon EC2

Speech AI can assist human agents in contact centers, power virtual assistants and digital avatars, generate live captioning in video conferencing, and much... 12 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Getting the Most Out of NVIDIA T4 on AWS G4 Instances

As the explosive growth of AI models continues unabated, natural language processing and understanding are at the forefront of this growth. As the industry... 14 MIN READ