Hannah Simmons

Hannah Simmons is a marketing campaign specialist at NVIDIA focused on driving marketing strategy and campaigns for HPC, accelerated computing, quantum computing, and AI software and platforms. She has experience working closely with product marketing to craft go-to-market strategy for the developer community, as well as developing campaigns and initiatives to drive awareness for the end-to-end platform. She is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University.
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Generative AI

Simplify and Accelerate Programming Tasks with Mistral’s Codestral GenAI Model

Experience Codestral, packaged as an NVIDIA NIM inference microservice for code completion, writing tests, and debugging in over 80 languages using the NVIDIA... 1 MIN READ
Generative AI

Introducing SDXL-Lightning: New Lightning-Fast Model on NVIDIA API Catalog

Create high-resolution images with remarkable efficiency with the Advanced text-to-image generation model, SDXL-Lightning, available and optimized now on the... 1 MIN READ
Generative AI

SOLAR-10.7B: Optimized Model Tailored Instruction Following, Reasoning, and Mathematical Tasks

Enhance efficiency and performance in instruction-based NLP tasks with SOLAR-10.7B, especially in following instructions, reasoning, and mathematical tasks. 1 MIN READ
Generative AI

Breeze-7B: LLM Specialized for Traditional Chinese

The model demonstrates strong performance for tasks such as Q&A, multi-round chat, and summarization in both traditional Chinese and English. 1 MIN READ
Generative AI

BGE-M3: Advanced Multilingual Text Retrieval Model

Experience the versatile embedding model designed for multilingual, multi-functional, and multi-granularity text retrieval tasks, excelling in dense,... 1 MIN READ
Generative AI

Convert Natural Language to Code with CodeGemma

Experience the advanced LLM API for code generation, completion, mathematical reasoning, and instruction following with free cloud credits. 1 MIN READ