Dana Sheahen

Dana Sheahen is a content developer at NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute focused on applications in autonomous systems and conversational AI. Dana's background includes embedded systems software development as well as curriculum and content development for courses in artificial intelligence and robotics. She holds a MSCS from Georgia Tech and a BSEE from Rice University.
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Illustrated diagram showcasing conversational AI capabilities
Conversational AI

Get Started on NLP and Conversational AI with NVIDIA DLI Courses

This past year, NVIDIA announced several major breakthroughs in conversational AI for building and deploying automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural... 3 MIN READ
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Conversational AI

Upcoming DLI Training: Learn How to Build Conversational AI Applications

As the world continues to evolve and become more digital, conversational AI is increasingly used as a means for automation. This technology has been shown to... 2 MIN READ